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Lost boy finding his way. ~ I play guitar and sing in All Time Low. In love with my beautiful and perfect husband Kellin, lovin' our kids <3. Here I write my stuff. [Fake/RP Alex Gaskarth]

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  2. Creo que aluciné mucho.

  3. sineadwrightxx:

aww :3 ^_^ 


    aww :3 ^_^ 

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  5. "Sometimes You Gotta Fall Before You Fly"

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    Kellin Quinn → Warped Tour 2010

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  9. piercingalltimesirens:

    some of the pictures i got of Kellin Quinn at the Trojan tent taking pictures with fans at Warped Tour on July 11th in Mansfield Massachusetts!

    Please do no steal these, they mean the world to me. if you want you use it for something ask me first and give me credit please! 

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  11. "I accidentally air screamed into my own fist. I was just doing what I do in my bedroom. You know?"

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Hahaha, yep ;)


    Hahaha, yep ;)

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  15. "If you copy one
    If you copy two
    There’ll be a million motherfuckers that are just like you
    But if you keep it real
    And you stay true
    There’s nothing in this life that you can’t do."

    - Kellin Quinn (via simosaarinen)
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  17. im-not-your-average-fangirl:

    1/5 of Sleeping with Sirens

    ↳Kellin Quinn

    *weird unhuman noise*

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